Geared piston motors in five sizes from 1-16kW



GLOBE vane air motors are used in a wide variety of applications like


mixers, ventilators, winches, pump drives, after coolers and conveyor




Advantages of the GLOBE vane air motors include:


No pins or springs


Guaranteed positive start-up


Simple adjustable torque and output speed


Can be stalled under load without harm


High life span en low cost price due the simple design


Instantly reversible


Oil-less operation possible


Certified according ATEX II cat.2 G&D T5 and ATEX I M2


Examples of applications are pump drives, aftercooler, umbilical reel,


lifting table, material handling.


The Archimedes– Globe air motors of the vane type and are available with a wide range of incorporated planetary reduction units.


In the air motors you will find a perfect balance between technics and quality for the best working conditions.


Compact air motors are specially designed to meet all kinds of requirements and are used in all kinds of tooling and driving


equipment because of their specific features:


Easily variable speed control


Variable torque control


Perfect in many applications in hazardous environments


Cool running


No damage by overload or repeated starting


Can be used in stall conditions


Superior power to weight ratio


Small sized for hand–held machinery


Explosion proof conform ATEX


Instantly reversible


No stock start–up


The unique design of flange makes it possible to mount the air motor either with its flange or directly on the thread cut in the motor housing.


 Mounting on the housing itself is also possible because of its machined body.




The compact piston air motors high torque is die t the power transmission of the pistons along the large external, diameter of the curve.


The friction connected with the travel along the curve is low due to the installation of rollers at the tip of the pistons. This results in high lifetime of the drive.


Because of the use of pistons, low internal friction and negligible internal air leakage the air consumption of the motor is extremely low.


When compared with a vane motor at the same speed and torque an air consumption reduction of 80 % is achieved.  125-l/min


compact piston air motor to 600-l/min-vane motor.


High torque at low speed of rotation


Very low air consumption


Low noise emission


Long lifetime





Able to run without lubrication


Noise emissions are determined according to the noise measuring standards ISO 11202 and within the frame of the ISO 11200 standards.


The measured noise levels are 74dB for the RM015 and 76 dB for the RM025. The pneumatic drive this fulfils the noise regulations without requirement


 for ear protection devices.