The Janus Axial Piston Pumps are totally oil free, clean and completely safe to use in all locations including Atex environments .


Advanced material technology ensures high velocity and heavily loaded surfaces can operate effectively with water as their only


coolant/lubricant;. The elimination of lubricating oil within the mechanics of the pumps removes the requirement for piston sealing


which in turn reduces the requirement for servicing of seals in the high cyclic loaded components.


Potential contamination of the lubricating fluid and hence pump failure is removed but even more important for the fire industry the


potential of the lubricating oil to contaminate and enter the pumped fluid is totally removed.


The 9 piston design combined with direct 4 pole motor operation produces a very smooth output flow and removes the requirement


for output accumulation or pulsation damping. Pressure ripple-free performance against a fixed orifice make the product ideal for fire


fighting applications. System component fatigue is rare due to the smooth low noise performance of the advanced technology. Light


weight and compact design reduces powerpack size and the all 316L Stainless steel construction ensures exceptional corrosion


resistance and unsurpassed life expectancy even in harsh environments